Elected and Former Officials Who Support James

Nancy Van Doren

Arlington ​School Board, Chair

Jay Fisette

Arlington County Board, Chair

Tannia Talento

Arlington School Board, Member

Paul Ferguson

Clerk of the Court, Arlington & City of Falls Church

Mary Hynes

Former Arlington ​County Board Member

Beth Arthur

Arlington County Sheriff

Adam Ebbin

Virginia State Senator, 30th District

Mark Levine

45th District Virginia Delegate

Mary Margaret Whipple

Former ​Virginia State Senator

Frank Wilson

Former Arlington School Board Member

Dr. Emma Violand-Sanchez

Former Arlington School Board Member​

Walter Tejada

Former ​Arlington ​County Boar​d​ Member


“James Lander has been a strong partner in assuring that APS continues to serve all students in our community.  We at AEA-PAC look forward to continuing our partnership with him during the next four years.”
Jeff Elkner, AEA-PAC President
“During these difficult times in our nation and our community, there are forces that want to divide us. It is imperative that we maintain leadership which brings a unifying voice and perspective that James has demonstrated throughout his service on the school board.  His commitment to equity, knowledge of the issues, and experience on how to move our community forward AS ONE cannot be lost.”
Gabriela Uro, Parent, Community Activist, Wakefield High School
James Lander brings much needed experience to the Arlington County School Board at this critical time. Rising student enrollment and the resulting capacity crisis make it crucial, now more than ever, that Arlington’s students have an experienced and passionate leader on the School Board. James understands the diverse needs of our students and has been a steadfast supporter time and again for the under-represented among our population including students with disabilities, English language learners, and the economically disadvantaged.
Nadine Asef-Sargent
“Our school board members must remain focused on academic achievement, while addressing enrollment growth. James continues to prioritize improving instruction for all students; he is an effective voice for families whose concerns need to be heard.”
Whytni Kernodle, Key & Gunston Parent

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